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Chapter 8 Self Guided Questions

Chapter 8 Self Guided Questions
p 203-213

Establishing Independence (p 203-207)

Central America and the Caribbean

Why did European rulers bring Africans to the Caribbean?

Why did so many Native Americans in Central America survive the encounter with the Spanish?

From Colonies to Independence

Which European nations established colonies in Central America and the West Indies?

What sources of wealth did European nations discover in the West Indies?

What was the first nation in the region to gain independence? What is that nation called today?

Relations with the United States

How did the United States gain control of the land around the Panama Canal?

Why did the United States declare war on Spain in the Spanish-American War?

What were the results of the Spanish-American War?

Dictatorship and Democracy

What is a dictator?

How do elected leaders become dictators?

What changes are occurring in Central American governments?

Building Economies and Cultures (p 208-213)
The Economies of the Caribbean Islands

What was the Caribbean Islands’ main industry in the colonial period?

What is a single product economy?

The Economies of Central America

What was the first crop that Central American countries produced for export?

In what ways did United Fruit Company change economies in Central America?

What did countries in the region develop to diversify their economies?

What do factories in Costa Rica manufacture?

Caribbean Culture

What three ethnic influences have combined to form Caribbean culture?

What is the most widespread religion in the West Indies?

What other religions have developed in the Caribbean as a result of African influences?

Central American Cultures

Approximately how many Native American languages are spoken in Central America?

What religious beliefs are important in Central America?

What is the Maya people’s belief about companion spirits?